Fall Ladies Bible Studies

August 22, 2018

Ladies you are invited to join with other women each week for a time of teaching, fellowship and prayer.  We offer two studies to choose from:

(THURSDAY)       “Dream to Destiny"              by Robert Morris
Women                7:00 - 8:30 pm    (Hadley Pinnow, Pastor Jenna Mawhorter, Erin McWayne)
Each of us is given a dream by God - it's the notion that sets our hearts racing by the mere thought of it.  Unfortunately, most people never see their dream come to pass, so they never fulfill the destiny that God has in store.  Robert Morris tells readers exactly how to make their dream into a reality they long for.  He uses the example of Joseph's life in the Old Testament.  God gave Joseph a dream and then promptly took him through 10 character-building tests that lasted 13 years.  These tests assessed Joseph's strengths and weaknesses.  Find out what the tests are, if you are passing or failing them, and get ready to begin fulfilling the destiny that you have long dreamed of.
Begins: September 20th
Location: Church Office 24808 180th AVE SE Covington

(FRIDAY)             “Traveling Light"                by Max Lucado
 Women                9:00 -11:30 am    Covington  (Cheri Graves & Tina Watts)
We all lug loads we were never intended to carry.  Fear. Worry. Discontent.  No wonder we get so weary. We're worn out from carrying that excess baggage.  Wouldn't it be nice to lose some of those bags?  That's the invitation of Max Lucado.  With the Twenty-third Psalm as our guide, let's release some of the burdens we were never intended to bear.
Begins: September 14th
Location: Church Office 24808 180th AVE SE  Covington