David & Paula Stanislaus

STANISLAUS, David and Paula

Contact information:
website: davidandpaula.net
Phone: 417-827-1481
Email: david.stanislaus@agmd.org
Itinerating through March 2015
David and Paula Hansen-Stanislaus are itinerating to go to Indonesia! Both sorrow and joy are a part of their journey bringing them to where they are today. David’s wife died unexpectedly in 2004 of a heart attack. Paula’s husband died in 2006 from a brain tumor. They were married in 2009 and now look forward to this new season of ministry together.
God has called them to help plant churches in Indonesia, the largest Muslim nation in the world. Their mission is to guide leaders on a healthy, successful journey to build strong churches. They believe people are better equipped when they journey with others who can help them gain new insights, discover resident gifts and learn new skills that help them live into their full potential in Christ. They plan to do this by walking with leaders through coaching, training, mentoring and mobilizing.